Air Strength Canada
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Ph. 204.275.2534
Email: [email protected]

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Who We Can Help

Air Strength Canada offers commercial grade products and services for businesses ranging from small to large scale office towers. Custom products are available nationwide in Canada. We offer custom design, installation and maintenance for all our products and services offered.

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At Air Strength Canada, we understand the budgets that you all have to meet, and we will work with you to offer the best available options that can fit your particular budget. We offer purchase and lease packages and warranties for plants that are maintained by us and also warranties for planters that are supplied by us. Are you interested in one of our services, or would like to get right into the "feel good package"? Please don't hesitate to contact us and set up a meeting! We would really like to show you the benefits of working with Air Strength and create a long lasting professional relationship!

Please contact us and see how Air Strength can benefit you!-