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Tropical Plant Maintenance - Air Strength Canada - Tropical Plants Winnipeg Manitoba, Guelph Ontario, and Toronto OntarioTropical Plant Maintenance

Horticultural Service:

Keeping your living plants alive and looking great all the time is our passion. Our goal in every living environment that we maintain is excellence. After we carefully install your new interior tropical plants,one of our highly trained horticultural maintenance technicians will take over on-going maintenance of your account.Our uniformed horticultural service technicians are trained by Landscape Industry Certified Interior technicians that are there to provide everything that your plants will need in order to keep up an exceptional appearance that will last for years.

The value of on-going horticultural service for your plants. Not all plants are the same, some require lots of water each visit and others require very little. Some like lots of sun and others prefer to be in lower light areas. The ongoing maintenance of your tropical plant environment is a constantly changing and evolving thing,because its living! You can count on Air Strength Canada to keep your indoor plant environments alive and looking beautiful allowing you to sit back and enjoy the energy that the  plants bring to your environment. 

Service guarantee:

Unfortunately  plants do not live forever, not even the acclimated plants that we use.  If there are any signs of deterioration, we have a full replacement guarantee.  We will replace your plants at no charge as part of our ongoing maintenance program.  Air strength Canada has a comprehensive inventory of tropical plants and planters in stock all year round to meet our clients' needs as they arise. 

*Some exclusions apply*