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Winnipeg, Manitoba
Ph. 204.275.2534
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Digital image example - Air Strength Canada - Interior Landscaping Winnipeg Manitoba, Guelph Ontario, and Toronto OntarioDesign

We use horticultural design expertise to achieve outstanding appearance.  And we work just as hard to avoid problems.  That's why we'll only recommend plants that will be successful in your building.  We custom-tailor a plan to your lighting, air flow, temperature changes, humidity, traffic patterns and anything that makes your environment unique.

Air strength Canada has been using and providing our clients with the latest and greatest tool for designing your interior landscape.  In 2007 Air Strength Canada started digital imaging all of our designs so prospective clients can actually see exactly what their interior landscaping will look like.  This process takes the guessing out of the equation.

We believe that doing it right the first time is the best business practice that we can utilize to make your interior landscape as successful as possible. Air Strength Canada has won two International Plantscape Awards for design in 2012 & 2013!