Air Strength Canada
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Ph. 204.275.2534
Email: [email protected]

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Commercial Services

Air Strength Canada offers a wide variety of services for commercial clients. Interior tropical landscaping with contemporary cutting edge planters that includes maintenance and design. Exterior landscaping and maintenance, seasonal artificial displays for spring, summer, fall, or winter/Christmas. We also offer storage space for displays. Floral packages are also available.

Office Environmental Enhancement

Other services available are Pandemic control services, which includes an alcohol free hand sanitizer line. We also offer organic air fresheners that are commercial grade, long lasting and available in many scents on a service plan with Air Strength. Another area where Air Strength can help you in your environmental enhancement is with the implementation of carpet cleaning with industry leading carpet cleaning equipment! Monthly programs, quarterly programs and spot cleaning are available to help keep your environment clean and presentable to your clients and staff. Air Strength also offers specialty cleaning for those tougher jobs that require extra care!